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The SPIRIT of the OLD WEST is a website for those who answer the call of the OLD WEST! People interested in the history and artifacts of the Fur Trade, Civil War, Indian Wars, Cowboy and Native art and collectibles, shows, shooting, re-enactments, cool gear and looking good. For people who live, or like to travel in the old west, and who enjoy the western landscape and its wildlife.
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Indian Wars Belt Buckles - U.S. Cavalry Belt Buckles

Indian War Belt Buckle

Pattern 1851 Eagle Sword Belt Buckle. Applied or or plated nickel-silver wreath often worn off.





Baloon Corps Belt Buckle @ 1890's


Breast Plates


Indian Wars Cartridges - U.S. Cavalry Cartridges


Unfired cartridge -  found at the southern end of the Custer Battlefield.  Undoubtedly a .45-55 calibre, as opposed to a .45-70.  The cartridge was the same however, the former was loaded with 55 grains of powder and a cardboard wad.  That was the type of cartridge used in the 1873 Springfield carbine, which was the main shoulder arm used by soldiers in the battle.                      
                            Indian Wars Spencer Cartridge
        Spencer Cartridge - Found on the Custer Battlefield

Indian Wars Carbines - U.S. Cavalry Carbines

Indian Wars Sharps carbine
Sharps Carbine

Indian Wars Spencer carbine
Spencer Carbine - Model 1865

Indian Wars Trapdoor carbine Springfield Carbine
Trapdoor Springfield Carbine Model 1873

Indian Guns

Indian Carved cutdown rifle
Trapdoor Springfield Model 1873 - Indian Carved



Sharps Model Carbine a single shot breech loading conversion to .50-70 caliber after the Civil War. Originally a .52 caliber percussion breech loading carbine with Sharps pellet priming system as part of the lock plate.



Spencer Repeating Carbine Model 1865. Seven shot repeater. Caliber designation is confusing. Considered a .50 caliber but can take either the .56-50 or the .56-52 rimfire cartridge.



Trapdoor Springfield Model 1873. Single shot breech loading carbine in .45-70 caliber. Made famous by use in Custer's Last Stand - Battle of the Little Big Horn.






Trapdoor Springfield Rifle .Model 1873. Single Shot breech loading in .45-70 caliber. This gun shows Indian use. Cut-down wood and unusual carved stock.






Indian Wars Cartridge Pouches - U.S. Cavalry Cartridge Pouches
Indian Wars percussion cap Pouch 1855 Cap pouch with sheep wool lining to secure loose caps and wire nipple pick.

Indian Wars Cartridge PouchIndian Wars Cartridge Pouch
US Model 1874 McKeever Cartridge Pouches .45-70

Indian Wars Cartridge Pouch Dyer's pouch
Dyer Cartridge Pouch lined with lambs wool
Dyer Cartridge Pouch


Indian Wars Revolvers - U.S. Cavalry Handguns

Indian Wars Revolver Colt 1851 Navy U.S. Navy-Army

Colt 1851 Navy - Navy Army - marked "US" on left side of frame.
Inspector cartouches on grips.

Indian Wars Revolver Colt 1860 Army
Colt 1860 Army

Indian Wars Remington New Model Army
Remington New Model Army 1858

Indian wars Colt Single Action Army Cavalry Model - Custer Colt



The Colt 1851 Navy. Very few Navies were issued by the government. They are .36 caliber six shot octagon barrel revolvers. A few guns can be found with martial markings. A small "U.S." just under "Colt's patent" on the left side of the frame  and inspectors initials on various parts of the gun. The grips were stamped with the initials of the inspector in an oval, very often on both sides of the grips. These guns are referred to Navy-Armies and may have been used by the U.S. Cavalry.


The U.S. government contracted a large number of Colt 1860 Armies. A very popular sidearm with the Cavalry. They are in .44 caliber percussion six  shot round barrel revolver. Inspectors marks on various parts and cartouche on grips - often worn off.






Remington New Model Army .44 caliber six shot revolver.


Colt 1873 Single Action Army also known as the Cavalry Model or Custer Colt. Caliber .45 Colt. Early "U.S." marked Colts are very popular with collectors as these were the guns used by Custer's troops during the battle of the Little Big Horn. Only a very few guns survived the battle. Guns in the serial range below 7000 are highly prized by collectors as they are "possible" Custer Colts. Marked "US" on left side of frame and inspectors initials on various parts.


Indian Wars head Gear - U.S. Cavalry Hats - Head Gear

Indian Wars Holsters - U.S. Cavalry Holsters

Indian Wars Flap  Holster
Model 1860 Holster - Will fit either the Colt 1860 Army, the Remington New Model 1858 Army or the 1873 Single Action Army Revolvers

Indian Wars Holster
Model 1881 Half Flap Holster



IIndian Wars Swords - U.S. Cavalry Sabers

Indian Wars Sword 1840 cavalry Saber
Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry (Dragoon) Saber

Indian Wars Sword 1860 cavalry Saber
Model 1860 Officer's Light Cavalry Saber

Indian Wars Sword 1872 Staff & Field Officers Sword

U.S. Model 1872 Staff and Field Officer's Sword

Indian Wars Cavalry Spurs
Indian Wars Cavalry Spurs

Indian Wars Medals
Indian Wars Medal
          Indian Wars Medal

Indian Wars Horse Bridles & Bits - U.S. Cavalry Bits

Indian Wars Horse Bite

Shoemaker Bit Model 1874

                             US horse bridle rosette - from a complete,
                             but badly deteriorated, US Cavalry bridle 
                             found in Southern Alberta in the early 1950's

Indian Wars Books
  Indian Wars Author: Bill Yenne
  Encyclopedia of Indian Wars Author: Gregory F. Michno
  The Army and the Indian Author: Peter Cozzens
  Blood and Thunder Author: Hampton Sides

   Conquering the Southern Plains Author: Peter Cozzens






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               Knowledge is Power

 Collect what you Know
                      and Know what you Collect!

                                "I cannot live without books" -Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

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