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The SPIRIT of the OLD WEST is a website for those who answer the call of the OLD WEST! People interested in the history and artifacts of the Fur Trade, Civil War, Indian Wars, Cowboy and Native art and collectibles, shows, shooting, re-enactments, cool gear and looking good. For people who live, or like to travel in the old west, and who enjoy the western landscape and its wildlife.
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

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Glass Target Ball - made in France by A St Quentin - Van Cutsem                                          

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Double Barrel Shotguns
Parker A Grade hammer Shotgun Top Lever
Parker "A" Grade Hammer Shotgun

Wm Rigby Percussion Shotgun
Rigby Hammer Percussion Shotgun

Robert Wheeler Percussion Shotgun
Robert Wheeler Hammer Percussion Shotgun
                          Greener Shotgun
W.W. Greener
12 gauge nitro, ejector gun, Barrel marked "W.W. GREENER MAKER, ST. MARY'S SQUARE, BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND WINNER AT THE GUN TRIALS 1875 TO 1891"

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Greener Double Rifle
W.W. Greener Hammer Double Rifle - 10 gauge

Dougall Double Rifle
James D. Dougall Hammer Double Rifle - .500 BPE

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Combination Rifle Shotgun
John Cole 16 gauge cape Gun

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Jager Rifle
Fischer Percussion Rifle

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                                      Possibly Thomas Chambers Decoy

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Westley Richards Single Shot Rifle
Westley Richards No 1 Carbine
Westley Richards Single Shot Rifle
Westley Richards No 1 Rifle .577-500

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Watch belonged to Frederick T. Baker - Gunmaker
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Ballard, C.H. Firearms Company
Cole, John Capegun
Colt Firearms Manf. Company
      Colt Dragoon
      Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver
      Colt Model 1851 Navy
      Colt Model 1860 Army
      Colt Model 1861 Navy
      Colt Model 1862 Police
      Colt Model 1871-72 Open Top
      Colt Single Action Army
      Colt Single Action Army - Cavalry Model
      Colt Bisley
      Colt Deringers
      Colt Model 1877 Double Action
      Colt Model 1878 "Frontier" Double Action
      Colt Model 1861 Musket
      Colt Model 1878 Double Barrel Shotgun
      Colt-Burgess Lever Action Rifle
      Colt Lightning Rifle
Connecticut Firearms Company
Continental Firearms Company
Cowles Firearms Company
Dickinson Firearms Company
D.D. Cone
Deringer, Henry
Dougall, J.D.
Driscole Firearms Company
Eclipse Firearms Company
Ethan Allen
Frank Wesson
Greener, W.W.
Henry Deringer Pistols
Indian Trade Guns
Johnson, I.N.
Ketland, Wm
L.C. Smith Shotguns
Lombard Firearms Company
Manhattan Firearms Company
Marlin Firearms Company
Marston, W.W.
Merrimack Firearms Company
Merwin & Bray
Moore Patent Firearms Company
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Plant's Firearms Company
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      Remington New Model Army
      Remington Double Deringer
      Remington Rolling Blocks
Rigby, John
Rollin White Firearms Company
Rupertus, Jacob Firearms Company
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      Smith & Wesson Rim-fire Revolvers
      Smith & Wesson Model No. 3
      Smith & Wesson Double Action
      Smith & Wesson Model Schofield
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Whitney Arms Company
Westley Richards
Wheeler, Robert
Winchester Arms Company
      Winchester Model 1873
      Winchester Model 1876
      Winchester Model 1886
      Winchester Model 1892
      Winchester Model 1894
      Winchester Model 1895
      Winchester Model 1885 Single Shot Rifle
Wurfflein Firearms Company
W.W. Greener
U.S. Percussion Pistols
U.S. Flintlock Muskets
U.S. Percussion Longarms




               Knowledge is Power

 Collect what you Know
                      and Know what you Collect!

          "I cannot live without books" -Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

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British Gunmakers Author: Nigel Brown
British Gun Engraving Author: Douglas Tate



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