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The SPIRIT of the OLD WEST is a website for those who answer the call of the OLD WEST! People interested in the history and artifacts of the Fur Trade, Civil War, Indian Wars, Cowboy and Native art and collectibles, shows, shooting, re-enactments, cool gear and looking good. For people who live, or like to travel in the old west, and who enjoy the western landscape and its wildlife.
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

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For those who answer the call of the Old West!

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Mammoth Hot Springs

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.....Wyoming Tales and Trails

          Post Card Breaking a Wild Bronco by U.R.R.R Co. @ 1911

ALCOVA Attractions in Alcova Wyoming
      Mormon Handcart Visitor's Center

BIGHORN Attractions in Bighorn Wyoming
      Bradford Brinton Memorial Museum

BUFFALO Attractions in Buffalo Wyoming
      Fort Phil Kearny State Historical Site
      Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum of the Old West
      Cowboy Carousel & Amusement Park

      Occidental Hotel

Buffalo Accommodations in Buffalo
      V Bar F Cattle Ranch

CASPER Attractions in Casper Wyoming
     Fort Caspar Museum & Historical Site
      Natrona County Pioneer Museum
      Werner Wildlife Museum
      Tate Geological Museum
      Wyoming Science Adventure Center
      Wyoming Veterans Memorial Museum
      Casper Planetarium
      Wyoming Symphony Orchestra
      Nicolaysen Art Museum

Casper Accommodations in Casper
      Hotel Higgins

CHEYENNE Attractions in Cheyenne Wyoming
      CFD Old West Museum
      Mabel Strickland Cowgirl Museum, Inc.
      Nelson Museum of the West
      Wyoming Arts Council
      Wyoming State Museum
      Old West Museum
      Wyoming State Museum
      Cheyenne Little Theater
      Cheyenne Civic Center
      State capitol
      Historic Governors' Mansion
      State Museum
      National First day Cover Museum
      Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum

Cheyenne Accommodation in Cheyenne
      Bear Mountain Back Trails

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CODY Attractions in Cody Wyoming

William Frederick Cody (Buffalo Bill Cody) born near Le Claire Iowa Territory February 26, 1846
Died January 10, 1917 (aged 70) Denver, Colorado

In 1895, William Cody was instrumental in the founding the town of Cody. Cody acquired the TE Ranch , located on the South Fork of the Shoshone River about thirty-five miles southwest of Cody, Wyoming.

      Buffalo Bill Historical Center
      Buffalo Bill Dam Visitor Center
      Tecumseh's Trading Post
      Old West Miniature Village and Museum

Cody Accommodations in Cody
      Irma Hotel
      The Lockhart

Books about Cody Wyoming

      William F. Cody's Wyoming Empire Author: Robert Bonner;

            Buffalo Bill Cody on Horseback

DOUGLAS Attractions in Douglas Wyoming
      Wyoming Pioneer memorial Museum

Douglas Accommodations in Douglas
      Akers Ranch bed and Breakfast

DUBOIS Attractions in Dubois Wyoming
      Wind River Reservation
      The National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center
      Dubois Museum

Dubois Accommodations in Dubois
      Badlands Bed and Breakfast

ENCAMPMENT Attractions in Encampment Wyoming
      Grand Encampment Museum

EVANSTON Attractions in Evanston Wyoming
      Fort Bridger State Historic Site
      Uinta County Museum

Evanston Accommodations in Evanston
      Pine gables Lodge

FORT LARAMIE Attractions in Fort Laramie
      Fort Laramie National Historic Site

      From Fort Laramie to Wounded Knee Author: Charles W. Allen, Richard E. Jensen;

GILLETTE Attractions in Gillette Wyoming
      Powder River Symphony
      Campbell County Rockpile Museum
      Weston County Museum District

GREEN RIVER Attractions in Green River Wyoming
     Sweetwater County Historical Museum

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JACKSON Attractions in Jackson Wyoming
      Jackson Hole Museum
      Jackson Hole Playhouse
      The Shootout
      Dirty Jack's Wild West Theater and Opera House


      Hidden Wyoming Author: John Gottberg;

JACKSON HOLE Attractions in Jackson Hole Wyoming
      National Museum of Wildlife Art
      The Pink Garter Mainstage Theatre

KEMMERER Attraction in Kemmerer Wyoming
      Fossil Country Museum

LANDER Attractions in Lander Wyoming
      Fremont County Pioneer Museum
      South Pass City

LARAMIE Attractions in Laramie Wyoming
      Laramie Plains Museum
      University of Wyoming Art Museum
      Laramie Plains Museum
      American Heritage Center
      University of Wyoming Art Museum
      University of Wyoming Geological Museum

Laramie Accommodations in Laramie
      Annie Moore's Guest House


      West of Laramie Author: Les Savage;

NEWCASTLE Attractions in Newcastle Wyoming
      Anna Miller Museum
      Occidental Oil Company

PINDALE Attractions in Pinedale Wyoming
      Museum of the Mountain Man

Rendezvous- Black Powder Shoot Pinedale Wyoming
2 Weekend in July - Green River Rendezvous Pageant

RALSTON Attractions in Ralston Wyoming
      Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation

RAWLINS Attractions in Rawlins Wyoming
      Carbon County Museum
      Wyoming Frontier Prison

Rawlins Accommodations in Rawlins
      Ferris Mansion bed and Breakfast

RIVERTON Attractions in Riverton Wyoming
       Riverton Museum

ROCK SPRINGS Attractions in Rock Springs Wyoming
      Community Fine Arts Center
      Rock Springs Historical Museum
      Western Wyoming Community College Art Gallery
      Western Wyoming Community College: Natural History Museum

SAVERY Attraction in Savery Wyoming
      Little Snake River Museum

SHERIDAN Attractions in Sheridan Wyoming
      Sheridan County Historical Society
      Trail End State Historic Site
      Bradford Brinton Memorial Ranch Museum
      Bighorn National Forest

Sheridan Accommodations in Sheridan
       Spahn's Big Horn Mountain Bed and Breakfast

SOUTH PASS Attractions in South Pass Wyoming
      South Pass City State Historic Site

SUNDANCE Attractions in Sundance Wyoming
      Crook County Museum & Art Gallery
      The Vore Buffalo Jump

THERMOPOLIS Attractions in Thermopolis Wyoming
      Wyoming Dinosaur Center
      Old West Wax Museum
      Hot Springs County Museum & Cultural Center

      F.E. Warren AFB Intercontinental Ballistic Missile and Heritage Museum

WORLAND Attractions in Worland Wyoming
Washakie Museum
      Ten Sleep Pioneer Museum

      Yellowstone National Park

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Frommer's Montana & Wyoming Author: Eric Peterson;

Museums & Historic Sites
     Fort Bridger State Historic Site - Fort Bridger
     Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum - Buffalo
     Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site
     Bradford Brinton Memorial Ranch - Big Horn
     Medicine Lodge State Archaeological Site - Bighorn National Forest
     Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark
     Buffalo Bill Historical Center - Cody
     Museum of Northern Arapaho History - St. Stephens
     South Pass City State Historic Site - South Pass City
     Sweetwater County Historical Museum - Green River
     University of Wyoming Geological Museum - laramie
     Laramie Plains Museum - Laramie
     Wyoming Territorial Park - Laramie
     Fort Laramie National Historic Site - Fort Laramie
     Wyoming Pioneer Memorial Museum
     Nicolaysen Art Museum and Discovery Center - Casper
     Fort Casper - Casper
     Independence Rock State Historic Site


Wildlife Viewing and Nature Walks

      Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area
      California National Historic Trail
      Devils Tower National Monument
      Fort Laramie National Historic Site
      Fossil Butte National Monument
      Yellowstone National Park
      Grand Teton National Park
      John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway
      Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail
      Oregon National Historic Trail
      Pony Express National Historic Trail
     Fossil Butte National Monument
     Periodic Spring - Bridger-Teton national Forest - Afton
     Mammoth Hot Springs - Yellowstone National Park
     Obsidian Cliff - Yellowstone National Park
     Virginia  Cascade Drive - Yellowstone National Park
     Fountain Paint Pot Trail - Yellowstone National Park
     Grand Prismatic Spring - Yellowstone National Park
     Old Faithful - Yellowstone National Park
     Lewis and Shoshone Lakes - Yellowstone National Park
     West Thumb - Yellowstone National Park
     Yellowstone Lake - Yellowstone National Park
     Fishing Bridge - Yellowstone National Park
     Hayden Valley - Yellowstone National Park
     Upper Falls - Yellowstone National Park
     Lower Falls - Yellowstone National Park
     Artist Lookout - Yellowstone National Park
     Inspiration Point - Yellowstone National Park
     Canyon Village - Yellowstone National Park
     Mount Washburn - Yellowstone National Park
     Tower Fall - Yellowstone National Park
     Petrified Tree - Yellowstone National Park
     Specimen Ridge - Yellowstone National Park
     Jackson Lake - Grand Teton National Park
     Colter Bay - Grand Teton National Park
     Signal Mountain - Grand Teton National Park
     The Potholes - Grand Teton National Park
     Snake River - Grand Teton National Park
     Teton Park Road - Grand Teton National Park
     Cascade Canyon Trail - Grand Teton National Park
     Hidden Falls - Grand Teton National Park
     Inspiration Point - Grand Teton National Park
     Teton Canyon Campground - Grand Teton National Park
     Cathedral Group - Grand Teton National Park
     Chapel of the Transfiguration - Grand Teton National Park
     Menor's Ferry - Grand Teton National Park
     Moose Village Visitor Center - Grand Teton National Park
     Rendezvous Mountain Aerial Tram - Grand Teton National Park
     Teton Pass - Grand Teton National Park
     National Elk Refuge - Grand Teton National Park
     Gros Ventre Slide - Grand Teton National Park
     Devil's Tower National Monument
     Absaroka Wilderness Area - Shoshone National Forest
     Dead Indian Hill - Shoshone National Forest
     Clark's Fork - Shoshone National Forest
     Hot Springs State Park - Thermopolis
     Boysen State Park
     Sinks Canyon State Park
     Snowy Range Pass
     Libby Flats Observation Point
     Guernsey State Park - Guernsey
     Hell's Half Acre

Wyoming State Parks & Historical Sites

Where To Go Birding in Wyoming ?

      Bird Watching in Wyoming - American Bird Center

            Wildlife Viewing - Bridger-Teton National Forest, - near Jackson
            Wyoming's Wildlife -- Worth the Watching - Wyoming Game & Fish Dept.
            Yellowstone Bird Information Page - Yellowstone National Park

    National Wildlife Refuges in Wyoming
            Bamforth National Wildlife Refuge - near Walden
            Cokeville Meadows National Wildlife Refuge - near Green River
            Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge - near Walden
            Mortenson Lake National Wildlife Refuge - near Walden
            National Elk Refuge  - near Jackson
            National Elk Refuge - near Jackson
            Pathfinder National Wildlife Refuge  - near Walden
            Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge - near Green River
    Nature Conservancy of Wyoming - Preserves
            Heart Mountain Ranch
            Red Canyon Ranch
            Sweetwater River Project
            Tensleep Preserve
            Whitney Preserve

              Yellowstone national Park

             Yellowstone National Park - Elk

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